AEG Upgrade

AEG Upgrade
This guide takes you through the different kinds of upgrades that you can do in an AEG

Before you set off to by upgrades be aware that upgrading takes time! And often there is no simple answer. "This vs. that" and "what part should I upgrade" it's not always simple. But here is my list of Do’s and Don’ts. Where nr 1 is my favor and so on ... Remember I don't take any responsibility! Ps. Make sure what you want Speed or Power!

1 Battery
My all-time favored is by far the battery! A good battery is almost essential for every gun. And an expensive battery is not always a better battery. But here comes the first problems. What to go for: "NiCad" is the most common for stock guns, and if you don't want to upgrade any internals this is fine! "NiMh" is the second most common one they outperform NiCad when fully charged, but NiCad out perform in the end of the day. (So go for HIGH "mah" NiMh's over NiCad). But if you want real power go for LiPo. A 7.4v LiPo is equal to an 8.4v NiMh with regards to ROF. And an 11.1v is equal to a 14v. In general remember: "Higher Voltage (V rating) gives higher speed!" and "Higher Amp (mAh) gives longer shooting time between charging". Ps for LiPo the C rating is how much power they can supply to the motor.

2 Spring
The spring is my second place by far! Most springs is rated by an "m" e.g. m100 where the number after the m is the speed you can expect in m/s (use the calculator in this app to get fps). But remember upgrading the spring puts stress on the other components and may lead them to break, and need to be uprated. My rule of thumb: m100 to m110 for guns with plastic bushings, m110 to m120 for stock piston and gears, m120 to m130 for non-torque gears. m150 and up only for full torque upgrades.

3 Bushings
Metal Bushings is a must if you want to push the performance of your gun! They are super cheap and enable you to upgrade to and above m120 springs! You can get ball bearing ones, but only get them if you have an 8mm gearbox or above ! Ps. Most gearboxes is 6mm ones. (The smaller mm ball bearings just break).

4 Gears
Upgrading gears gives you allot! But really, all gears is about is giving you stability! For making sure your gun can pull back the heavy spring (m130 and above) you need high torque gears, and for high speed (with small springs) you can opt for high speed gears. For outdoor gaming power (high and ultra-torque gears with m140+) is the game (out reaching your enemy). For Close Quarter Combat (CQB) there's a need for speed (m100-120 with speed gears). Gears are rated by a ratio where high ratio e.g. 32:1 is torque 18:1 is standard and low e.g. 13:1 is speed.

5 Piston
Poly carbon and metal teeth. It's that easy! Low power springs can make due with one metal tooth. And high power m140+ need full metal row!

6 S-Guide
Spring guides holds the spring in place. A bearing on the spring guide lets the spring turn and twist reducing stress on the gun. Poly-Carbon or metal is the way to go! Poly for speed and metal for Power!

7 Electrics
Speed and power of your gun can all be limited by how much power the motor can get from the battery. So a good battery is a key! But a good battery can be limited by poor wires and switches. Another idea can be to install MOSFET's to reduce the power (Amp's) over the trigger.

8 Motor
The motor says it all! So why did I put it almost last? Well most descent AEG's come with motors that can pull most standard upgrades (m120), and shoot at a descent ROF. So I almost never upgrade motors... Rule of thumb: m130 spring or under, with normal (18:1 or 20:1) ratio gears = Stock motors will put out around 20 RPS... So if you want above m130 spring, or want high speed (more than just a 9.6v battery can give) THEN UPGRADE!!! (Move this to number 4 if you want to go insane m140 spring or Speedy 30+ RPS)

9 Small
All the little parts, Anti reversal latches, single shot selectors, safety leavers etc... It's an endless stream of small parts with small costs ... But they are all potential gun breakers. So if you have the time and money upgrade them...

Big Picture
All setups want: "Metal Bushings" - "Poly carbon piston full metal teeth" - "High Amp wires"
If you want power: "LiPo 7.4V+ 2S 35C+" - "m140+ spring" - "Ultra high torque gears" - "Metal spring guide with bearings" - "High torque motor".
If You want speed: "LiPo 11.1 3S 20C+" - "m100-m110 spring" - "Metal Bushings" - "Ultra high speed gears" - "High Speed motor"