CyberGun - AK47 Classic

CyberGun - AK47 Classic

This version is a budget airsoft gun that's made from plastic and cheep metal parts. Most of the outer frame is cheep metal, and the wood is composed of plastic with wood coloring. As usual the first step is to take off all the excessories and attachment's including magacine. Also open the top cover and remove the battery. If you have a full stock version the barrety is located in the stock. The next step is to remove the hop op cover plate. This is done by pushing forward the metal rod that it slides on. And pull he hole thing out. Both the rod cover plate and spring should be taken out.

If you have a folding stock like this one then unscrev the metal pivot point cover, that is located above the handle. And jently pull off the selector screw cover. Then remove the 2 screws located underneath the cover plates. On the folding stoct it self you will find 2 screws to remove the back sholder rest. Now you can take off the right side folding arm. The left side arm wil be removed later.

Now you have to pull out the top cover. This is done by removing the attachment screw, and the hop op screws. When this is gove you have access to the wires and fuse. Take a look at the Electrics guide to se why you should eleminate the fuse from the circut (Note: Only do this if you are willing to risk the gun breaking).

Underneath the gun you will find 4 screws that hold the front assembly and rear assembly together. Remove them and pull the 2 appart. In the front assembly the hop op unit is screwed in, and in the rear assembly you will find the gearbox. Remove the screw in the buttom of the handle and pull off the handle to reveal the motor. Now the hole gearbox should be loos and able to pull out.

When looking inside the hole where the stock arm was attached you can now see 2 screws that holds the left side arm of the stock. Remove them and take off the arm. Then you have completly removed the folding stock. The magasine catch and trigger guard is attached with 4 screws underneath.

On the front assembly you will find a small screw where the hop up cover plate rod was attached. Remember to save this spring so you don't loose it. The hop op chaimber is attached with 2 screws. Just remove them to get acces to the chaimber and inner barrel.

On the front you can just lift and pull off the lower metal rod. Unscrew the front barrel end, then unscrew the attachment of the A sight frame, and take off the A sight.

Take off the screw that holds the gass tube and remove it by pulling it over the barrel. Then the upper wood part comes off. the lower wood part is removed by pulling of the metal stopping plate and then it comes off.

Remove the screws attaching the outer barrel, and also the upper wood attachment screw. Then just pull out the outer barrel and pull the wood back attachment up. Remove the 2 screws holding the metal weight. Then on the side of the front of the gun there's 2 screws that hold the front parts together. Just remove them to be able to pry the 2 parts appart. Remember to keep track of how the sights are assembled. Theres a small metal spring plate that is located below the sight it self.

And that's how to dis assemble an AK47 airsoft gun.

Most AK's are assembled is simular ways so this guide should cover most AK versions. Eaven the CA RPK7 folows almost the same principles.