Angle of Engagement

Angle of Engagement
This is a guide explaining how to set the angle of engagement (AOE) on your gun. Now many people are concerned with this because if the gun shoots why do anything? Well that's right but if your gun is upgraded with heavy springs, or high speed parts, your gun will have a lot of stress especially on the piston. If your gears then have an engagement angle that's off, then your gun will eventually fail. Making for costly repairs that could be avoided.

So what is the angle of engagement: Well it’s the angle at which the sector gear hits the first tooth of the piston. If the angle between them is steep, then instead of just pushing the piston back, the piston will also be forced upwards. This stresses the piston, and the first tooth will eventually be grind to bits. (Yes it’s a matter of months not days).

It's actually done very simple, just add spacers behind (or in front) of the piston head. Personally I prefer to add them between the piston head and the piston because the two pars are screwed together. This makes it easy to work on and make sure that the angle is just perfect before locking everything down with a bit of super glue. But some may prefer to just glue them straight on to the head (Be aware that this may be a bad idea because it changes the profile of the head). Or just add them to the cylinder head. The idea is to make the cylinder settle at a point backwards in the box.

Sometime it’s needed to move the piston back so far that the sector gear will engage on the second tooth instead of the first. There by releasing the piston before the last tooth is clear of the piston teeth row (Destroying the piston). If this is the case just grind away the second tooth. This should make the gear grip the first tooth and then the third. Play around with this until its perfect. You can also buy new pistons where this has been done.

Use plastic spacers (washers) they are lighter and thereby give more speed in your gun. Or you can also use rubber padding and glue it to the cylinder head this will also silence the gun a bit.