ASG - AW .308

ASG - AW .308 Sniper
This sniper rifle from asg is build alittle different from other snipers. Instead of pulling the mecanisem out of a body, you split the entire body in 2 to extract the mecanism.

Body split
First remove the rubber sholder pads, then remove all the small screws holding the 2 boddy parts together. When all has been removed you can split the body in 2. It's not verry easy, so take your time and pull it appart gently, if it sticks to much then you can use a flat head screw driver to pry them appart.

With all the internal parts out of the body, unscrew the barrel. And if you want acces to the hop up unit unscrew the screw under the barrel. Then remove the screw in the back of the loading grip. Then you can pull out the 2 parts of the loading mechanism.

Trigger assembly
First unscrew the 2 screws holding the trigger assembly, and also pull out the rod holding the spring guide in place in the cylender. After this has been removed you can pull out the cylender. Then use a flat head screw driver to pry appart the upper and lower metal trigger housing. Rewealing the trigger housing it self.

Use at couple of metal rods in the holes of the cylender head (note that some guns comes with a tool to do this) to unscrew it from the cylender. Then pull out the piston (in this version is metal, some models have plastic ones), the spring, and the spring guide. Note that on this version theres a ring with bearings on the spring guide, so don't loose them.

That how you open the ASG AW .308