ASG - Franchi A3 Flex-stock

Franchi A3 Flex-stock
This pump action shotgun is not very easy to disassemble but it's worth doing because doing air sealing mods, will make it shoot harder. The one I had my fingers on was shooting ~105 m/s but after some simple air sealing it was shooting ~110 m/s.

Flex stock
Extend the stock to the point where it clicks in place fully extended. Then press down on the locking mechanism and pull it completely off. Then tab out the locking pin in the end of the stock tube. Then the end should pop out together with a spring and a metal rod that ads weight to the gun. Inside the stock tube there’s another screw that holds the handle and tube in place.

Remove the handle and stock tube. Then you should remove the safety pin so that it doesn’t get lost. Push the trigger, and pull back on the small locking tab behind the trigger, to let it slide out.

Pump Grip
To remove the pump action grip first remove the 2 screws underneath the gun. Then pull the first half off. Inside you will find one screw holding the other half, and 2 screws attaching it to the first of 2 gray plastic push rods. Remove all the screws and the other part of the handle. There’s also a set of push rod screws on the other side, and 2 screws (one on each side) that holds a plastic guide that the grip slides on.

Main body
Move the "slide" forwards. Now for the hard part of removing the body cover. Use a small screw driver and gently lift it free in the back (on both sides) and slowly pull it off. Then remove the hop up adjustment leaver, which is not attached.

Outer barrel
First remove the small locking pin and spring. Then remove the screws holding on the outer barrel. Pull off the outer barrel, and remove the 2 plastic push rods.

The trigger guard is holed in place with 2 screws. And on the inner barrel there’s a small plastic peace. The body that holds the mechanism is held together with allot of screws, remove them and gently separate the 2 half’s.

Where all the internals go can be seen on this picture. Once you have the gun disassembled you should do: Air sealing, and possibly O-ring expansion. I do NOT recommend that you put in a stronger spring, because the parts are all plastic and may break under the extra stress.

You should now have a disassembled gun.