Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese
This mod helps with piston catching issues, and increases the rate of fire (ROF) on your gun slightly. It's not a bullet proof mod, and the results may vary from gun to gun. So keep that in mind before you go in. And remember this mod WILL decrease the strength of your piston! So don't do this if you don't want to risk damaging your gun! Remember I don't take any responsibility!

1 Tools
Dremmel (Electric screw driver will do)
Clamp / Vice Grip

2 Concept
The idea in Swiss cheese is to minimize the weight of the piston, reducing the mass that the motor will have to pull to doo a shot. There by increasing the cycle time, and increasing the ROF. This is done by removing as much as possible of the piston, while retaining as much strength as possible!

3 Holes
Drill holes in the piston. Make sure you make an even pattern, with even spacing between holes. This will make the piston retain more of the strength. And remember is a tradeoff Strength vs. Mass. And patterns increase the strength of the remaining material.

4 Don't!
When selecting where to drill holes do NOT drill into the groves on the side of the piston! They are there to keep the piston properly aligned inside the gearbox! And DON'T drill in the teeth on the bottom of the piston! They are what the gearbox uses to pull back the piston! Piston head is allow a no go, because the end where the piston head is located is where allot of the impact is absorbed.

5 I'm wrong
Some might say that you can cut away allot more than just drilling holes. This is true! You can with ease cut out big squares and remove almost the whole piston. BUT Remember the key words: "Strength VS Weight" Reducing the mass to near zero will leave little to no strength in the piston! And this will lead to catastrophic failure.

6 Benefits
The benefits are what I will call small (0-2 RPS at most) but it very much depend on how much you remove from the piston (removing more gives more). And it allow depends allot on what setup (gears, motor, spring etc.) you are running! Faster setups with ~40 RPS with light spring ~m100 and high speed motors is where you get the most benefit. And 1 RPS from a Swiss Cheese is based on my opinion ALLOT! Often you only get 0.1 - 0.5 RPS increase. But the main thing to remember is: A lighter piston will settle faster and thereby prevent pre engagement!

7 When
I would not recommend this for m130 spring and above (You need the strength). Don't if your gun is shooting less than 25 RPS. The performance gain is just too small. And don't do it to save money. In the long run you might end up spending more on replacement parts than upgrading simple parts. Do it if you are on the edge of that you can push out of your gun and still NEED the extra RPS or two. If you have a stock gun se the “upgrade” guide.