Cybergun - Tarus PT 24/7, Co2 NBB

Cybergun - Tarus PT 24/7, Co2 NBB
This is the Taurus PT 24/7 Co2 Non Blowback, from Cybergun. It's made from plastic with only a few metal parts. The disassembly process involves some steps where plastic peaces need to be pried appart. So i don't reccoment opening the gun if you don't want to risk visual damages.

To open it you need to remove the slide (That on non blow back versions is fixed in place). This is done by tabing out the 2 pins located right above the trigger. Then you should be able to lift slide off the handle and trigger assembly. But be carefull not to loos the small spring and small metal rod, pushing up on the part connecting the trigger to the hammer. Just remove them and the connector.

To disassemble the slide is where you have some degree of risk, because the slide (under assembly) snaps in place. So you need to carefuly lift the top slide off the inner assembly. Shown in the picture are the 2 places where you lift with a small scredriver. First one side then the other. When off, the slide can be pushed forward and up, releasing it from the inner assembly.

Take off the "slide under cover", and remove the safety. Also remove the front barrel plastic cover, but be aware that it snaps in place with a small plastic knub in the inside. What i did was to grip the front (1 cm in) on the top and buttom (you don't want to press on the sides because thats whare the nub is) and just pull hard. That was just enough to make it slip off. If you need to apply force using a screw driver, remember to not damage the front because i shows after reassembly. Then just release tension on the hammer spring, remove the 2 boddy screws, and pull the body appart.

The internals is composed of the folowing. Image 1: The barrel and fixed hopup. A small metal leaver that moves the barrel Back when pulling the trigger. And the 2 screws operating it. The trigger and trigger spring. And to metal rods holding everyting together. Image 2 has a small safety spring. The metal hammer. A small metal "spacer" that the spiring coils arround. And the main hammer spring. Image 3: The innter barrel with a black hop-up rubber. A small sealing O-ring The hopup chaimber. And a locking ring.

That's it You should now be left with a fully assembled gun.

My recomendations for modding is: Air sealing the hou-up chaimber.