Jing Gong g608 - G36c

The gun consists of the folowing sub-assemblys: Lower Reciver, Gearbox, Upper reciver and Barrel. The Gearbox is fixed in place in the lower reciver, and the lower reciver with gearbox is attached to the upper reciver with barrel.

Main Assembly Step 1
Remove the pin holding the front grip in place. Just push it to get it out. Then pull the fromt grip forward to remove it.

Main Assembly Step 2
Remove the magwell by pushing the holding pin out. Then pull downwards to the well comes out.

Main Assembly Step 3
Behind the foldable budstock theres a screw holding on to the gearbox that needs to be removed. For better acces I also remove the budstock by pushing out the holding pin.

Main Assembly Step 4
On each side of the gun theres a small screw that i also remove (It chould be done at a later state).

Main Assembly Step 5
Pull forward the hop-up unit and pull up on the front of the gearbox. Remember to disconnect the wiring, and then just pull out the hole gearbox and lower reciver sub-assembly.

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