First remove the stock, this is done by removing the screw and pulling out the split. Then just pull off the stock. Then remove the front by opening the battery compartment (remove the pin) and press out the small metal rod in the top of the gun. Now just pull off the entire front assembly.

Press out the metal rod, and remove the screw, then you can pull out the hopup unit, and barrel. Here I recommend that you Air seal the hop-up, and do barrel stabilization. Because mine was not very well made.

Remove the screw in the bottom of the handle, and remove the rubber handle bottom. Then remove the fire selector switch, by unscrewing the small screw. Then gently remove the gearbox, and watch how the small metal gears that connects the fire selector from one side to the other. In case you don’t get how they are supposed to sit, I have shown a picture here.

The gearbox is the same as most standard G36 boxes, so it’s a Version 3 gearbox but on the side there’s some small metal part attached with one screw.

All in all the build quality is not great. There’s a few push rods that’s pushed through plastic parts, so I predict the gun to break if you are not handling it with care. So if you are the type that throws yourself and your gun on the ground, and crawl around, or for some other reason have to take it apart often, then get a better quality gun. I would definitely categorize it as a beginner gun.