Classic Army - M4 Armalite

M4 Armalite
This guide tells you how to open a Classic Army M4 armalite. The first thing is of cause to remove all excess gear, scopes top handle (you your model have one). The version in this guide is upgraded with some bits and pieces, so yours might not look exactly like it. There’s also allot of different types and models from both CA and M4's from other companies. But almost all of them are assembled in the same way.

The simple stuff
Take off the front grip by pulling back the locking ring. Also remove the retractable stock, by pulling down on the release leaver and pull the whole thing off. This reveals a small screw holding on a small cover plate in the back of the stock tube. After removing the cover plate, inside the tube there’s a long screw that holds in on. After removing it the hole stock and end peace comes off.

Upper and lower receiver.
To remove the upper receiver assembly you must remove the 2 retaining pins, going through the upper and lower receiver. This model has 2 screws that must be removed before the pins can be pushed out. Some models don't have screws and instead just push hard to push them threw the receiver. Now you should be able to pull the upper receiver forward until it comes off. Remember to remove front electrics, and watch the cocking handle on the top back of the upper receiver, and make sure it don't get caught on something.

In the bottom of the handle you will find 3 screws (the middle one is for motor height adjustment) remove the 2 holding on the motor cover. Then you can disconnect the motor wires, and pull out the motor. Inside the handle there’s 2 screws holding the handle on to the gearbox. Remove them and remove the handle. The handle on this gun has a sniper grip, making it better to grip to. The disadvantage is that it's only right handed (which is bad in CQB going around right hand corners, where you use the gun left handed).

Gearbox and barrel
Now it's just a matter of removing the magazine holder (made of 2 parts and a spring) by unscrewing the screw. Then then tab out the pin holding the gearbox in the receiver, and pull the gearbox out of the receiver. The upper receiver contains the hop-up and inner barrel that should be pulled out without removing screws. (Some models have small screws from the outer barrel holding the inner barrel in place, but most models don't). That's it. And if you need to remove the outer barrel from the upper receiver, most models use 2 screws that all.

Other Info
The M4 is a great all round weapon that does well in almost any situation, and this versatile feature is what makes it so good in airsoft games. When you have cracked open your gun an M4 should have the following mods done to it. Barrel Stabilization, Air sealing, O-Ring Expansion, Electric system. And you can see here how you open the V2 gearbox.