Thompson M1928 (Tommy Gun) - Cybergun

Also know as "The Chicago Typewriter"

Step 1 is as always to remove the magasine, and disconnect the battery.

The next thing to doo is to remove the 2 screws holding the front grip in place.

When the front grip is off it is easy to remove the 2 screws that sit's between the magasine and front grip. Also loosen the machine screw on top of the barrel. Now the hole outer barrel can be pulled out of the receiver frame.

Now it's time to remove the stock and grip. The stock has 2 screws that hold it on, but inside theres a connector that connects the battery to the gearbox. Remember to unplug this connector.

The hanle is screwed to the motor mount with a single screw on the buttom.

The upper and lower receiver is slided together, and only fixed in place by a small push button in the back of the gun. Press down the button and slide the 2 parts appart.

The barrel and hopup unit is screwed into the upper receiver.

Inside the lower receiver the gerbox is only held in place by the selector switches. Each of the 2 switches has a small machine screw that hold them on a small plastic rod. Loosen the machine screws, and pull up the metal selector switches. But be careful, under neath there is a timy plastic tap rod with a spring behind be carefull that the spring and plastic part don't go missing.

The 2 plastic rod's that the metal switches was screwed on to are screwed in place. Remove the screws and pull up on the rods to get them out.

At this point the gearbox should feel loose, but still can's come out. To get it out you must remove the motor and mount. Un plug the motor wires (And note where they are attached! Most motors has a small + indicating where the red wire goes).

Now with the motor wires off just unscrew the 2 screws that hold the motor mount to the gearbox, and pull the motor assembly out.

Now you can pull out the gearbox.

The gearbox is a special Version6 gearbox. So most version 6 parts fit in this gearbox.

As you can see the thompson aeg is pretty simple to disassemble, so most people can work on the gun, but be careful with placing the wires corectly when putting it back together. Otherwise the upper and lower receiver will not slide together nicely.

Things to doo:

The barrel is verry badly attached and sit's verry loosely in place, so barrel stabilization is an ovious mod that can make it a bit more precise.
Barrel stabilization

The bushings in most versions are plastic, so PLEASE change them to propper Version 6 Metal bushings before they break your gun! And when changing bushings RE SHIMMING is needed!

A Mosfet is alwasy a good thing, but it requires some wire modifications, but folow my Mosfet guide and and you should be good :-) And there are plenty of room for a mosfet in the stock.
Mosfet Guide

Piston is plastic, so a new piston may also be something you should considder when you have the gearbox appart, but if you stick with the standard piston, check the airseal !!! Mine was VERRY bad, and the gun increased the velocity by 8 MPS (Meters per second - CLICK HERE FOR AN AIRSOFT CONVERTER - if you want FPS ).
O-Ring Expansion a part of the Air sealing guide

All in all a nice starter gun, the main problem with the gun is the drum mag that breaks if you don't handle it correctly.

Learn how the magasine works and how to disassemble the mag. Thompson Drum Mag Disassembly