ASG - Urban Sniper

Disasembly guide
This guide shows you how to disasemble the urban sniper from ASG. Before you start i assume that you have removed the sight, and bi-pod legs.

Body Step 1
First unscre the bi-pod attachment pin. And the 2 screws underneath. Also remove the 2 screws located in front of the trigger.

Body Step 2
Remove the stock by pulling the release switch away from the stock. And release the back plate, by removing the screw. Then remove the handle by taking out the screw inside.

Body Step 3
Lift out the barrel and pull out the front grip. Then pull out the outer barrel.

Body Step 4
Remove the bolt back plate spring, and take out the 3 components (Back Plate, selector and reload grip). Be aware that the selector (middle part on the image) has some small springs and pins that you ofcause need to keep an eye on.

Body Step 5
Lift out the bolt and trigger assembly.

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