ASG - Urban Sniper

Trigger Step 1
Remove the safety switch screw and pull it out. Be carefull that the pring and metal tap underneath don't fly away.

Trigger Step 2
Remove the 3 screws holding the trigger assembly on to the bolt assembly. Then pull the trigger and bolt assemfly appart. Remove the screws holting the trigger body together and pry it open. In the picture you can see how it's assembled. And be carefull to not loos any springs when opening the box.

Bolt Step 1
Pull out the small metal Spring guide stopper. then pull out the bolt assembly / cylender. Uncrew the cylender head (Use the 2 holes in the front to grip) and the hole cylender assembly comes appart. Head, Piston, Spring, Spring Guide, and Cylender, comes out in that order. When you have it open anyways you should do the Air Seal Mod that will increase power slightly.

Barrel Step 1
Remove the screw holding the hop-up in place. Then pull out the inner barrel and hop-up. Note that the inner barrels is hold in place with small rubber rings that may be stuck inside the outer barrel.

Barrel Step 2
Unscrew the hop-up chaimber screw that holds the barrel in place, then pull out the barrel and hop-up rubber. While you have it open do the Barrel Stabilization Mod to increase acuracy a bit.

Thats it. You should now have a fully disassembled gun in front of you. With access to all the important components.

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